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5 08 2009

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21 07 2008

Hello you can find a better blog at

Simmer 27’s Summer Party

2 06 2008

I decided to have a summer party!

The Club Penguin summer party will be starting soon so lets have 2!

At this party I will accept all buddies as I said in the invitation.

I will add untill full.

See you there!

Simmer 27

Cpip test server item!

30 05 2008

Hi guys hellowmate here and the cpip will hopefully come today!

I checked but it isnt there… Some say its a red drillers thing.. some say its a purple party hat.


Folkman10 In The House!

30 05 2008

Heya Penguins!Folkman10 Here! I Will Be Helping Out Here I Have My Own Site But Ill Help Here! I Started cp a little before december of 2007 ever sence i love it i have been on everyday!Heres My Siteplz check it out!~folkman10~

Well I am back…. FOREVER!

29 05 2008

Hi I am back now!

FOREVER I am sorry I quit.. Its weird isn’t it..

Wow look at those hits ,how did I get them??Thanks guys!I guess I still have some fans.

Well I am back on track now I will update everyday!

Do you like Disney?

19 04 2008


I made a poll to see how many penguins like Disney.

Here it is:

Please put it on your site. Dont give me credit.

I want to know what you think!
Waddle On!